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Love Earth, Love People & Pets
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100% Certified Organic by Ecocert (2016-18)
SOBE is the sole Exclusive Distributor for a wide range of Organic Certified Fertilizers, Pesticides, Growth Promoters and Feed Additives. SOBE makes your work Clean, Easy & Effective, no matter it's in your few thousand hectares farms, few meters fields/fish ponds or little gardens.


  • SOBE Organic Pets Bio-Nutrients
  • SOBE Organic Aqua Pets Water Treatment
  • SOBE Organic Gardening Fertilizer
  • Biological Organic Fertilizer
  • Biological Organic Pesticides
  • Biological Organic Plant Growth Promoters
  • Biological Organic Feed Additives
  • Biological Organic Water Treatments

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