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Ms. Sarah Byrne uses SOBE Premium Organic Fertilizer GARDENINGS to grow Sunflowers in her garden in London, UK. The Sunflowers grow higher than her 6 years old daughter, Ffion, with a huge bright blossom! The sunflowers have lots of seeds. Mrs. Byrne and Ffion have taken the seeds out from one of the sunflowers to prepare some bird food for winter & with big thanks to SOBE’s super organic fertilizer!

Mrs. Byrne posted this on her FaceBook on Jul 2, 2015

Ffion and her father next to the huge Sunflowers Ffion

Mr. Man Yim Plant

Mr. Man Yim grows Calamondin and Madagascar Periwinkle outside his company, (in Sai Kung, HK) Hoi Wang Properties Co. Ltd. He comments that after using SOBE Premium Organic Fertilizer GARDENINGS on his plants, the Calamondin bears lots of fruits while the Madagascar Periwinkle grows lots of bright hot pink colour flowers!

SOBE Premium Organic Fertilizer GARDENINGS

SOBE Premium Organic Fertilizer GARDENINGS

The Conservancy Association Long Valley Eco-Rice

SOBE organic fertilizer provided the best nutrients to the soil & the crops ... In return, Mother Nature gives us the best quality rice as our harvest!

The Long Valley Ecopadgy's rice fields

The Long Valley Ecopadgy’s rice fields (in Sheung Shui, HK) use SOBE Biological Organic (EM) Fertilizers to grow rice. Officer Mr. Kan claims that after using SOBE fertilizers for one week, the result is obvious in the way that the leaves grows in sharp green colour. This indicates that the leaves contain more chlorophyll to provide more nutrients for the rice to grow. They have a good harvest as the rice grows bigger in size compared to those using ordinary organic fertilizers!

Ms. Choi

Ms. Choi uses SOBE Premium Organic Fertilizer GARDENINGS to grow Epiphyllum Oxypetalum.The result is amazing that it blooms 5 beautiful flowers in one night!

Ms. Josephine Chan

Ms. Josephine Chan, an expert in Soil Food Web, Composting and a gardening consultant of a primary school at Tai Po (Plover Cove Road), shows us the happy faces of the students and teachers behind the wonderful eggplants which is resulted from the usage of SOBE Bio-liquid fertilizers!

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